Minicircle is running a Phase I clinical trial on an HIV gene therapy with the potential to cure HIV. The therapy is designed for distribution in high-temperature climates resulting in scalable eradication of the virus.

Minicircle is also running a Phase I clinical trial on a follistatin gene therapy that may be able to treat or delay the onset of ALS and facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.


Minicircle’s combination plasmid therapy is designed to be the first scalable functional cure for HIV. We are delivering multiple human-derived broadly neutralizing antibodies to neutralize >99.999% of HIV particles in blood serum.

This same therapy is designed to be distributed in high-temperature climates as a prophylactic vaccine that would block >99.9% of transmission. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate HIV and to heal the disaffected communities and individuals worldwide.


We are running a Phase I/IIa follistatin gene therapy trial for quality of life, bone density enhancement, muscle mass increase, bodyfat reduction, LDL cholesterol particle reduction, glycemic response enhancement, reduction of chronic inflammation and epigenetic age reversal.

Follistatin is a morphogenetic hormone which improves tissue composition and extends lifespan in healthy mice by 34%. It has marked effects improving the felt sense of well-being and has been shown in early human studies to increase bone density and muscle mass, decrease bodyfat, improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol balance, and reduce the epigenetic rate of aging.

Follistatin is widely cited as a good candidate for an investigational therapy of sarcopenia, ALS, and FSHMD.


Plasmids are the future of medicine. Plasmids are small circular loops of DNA that are completely non-inflammatory, easy to manufacture and distribute, do not integrate into or edit your original chromosome, are not heritable, and can be designed to include responsive switches allowing the gene to be turned on or off via the consumption of an activator pill.

We have designed these plasmids as a friendly and safe universal platform for reversible gene therapy.

Plasmid therapy promises unlimited health, independence from disease, and to reimagine the future of our identity.






Clinical Development - Phase I

Follistatin is a morphogenetic protein with a broad range of effects including the capacity to inhibit myostatin in a tissue specific manner. Follistatin is a candidate for multiple therapeutic modalities.

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate

Testosterone is a master regulator hormone controlling self-confidence, risk-taking behavior, emotional stability, body composition, rational thinking, cognitive well-being, and libido. Low testosterone levels are endemic in modern civilization where sedentary lifestyles are common and industrial hyperestrogenic compounds are constantly consumed in air, water, and food.

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate





Clinical Development - Phase I

Our innovative HIV plasmid therapy constantly delivers human origin broadly neutralizing antibodies discovered by the US National Institutes of Health. This therapy is designed to be distributed in high temperature climates like Africa, India, and Central America and does not require refrigeration. Our hope is that this therapy can be proven both as a “functional cure” for HIV as well as a safe and effective prophylactic designed for global eradication of HIV.

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Lead

Our herpes gene therapy will work similarly to our HIV gene therapy. Broadly neutralizing antibodies that bind to HSV 1 & 2 can be constantly produced and secreted into the bloodstream in hopes of eliminating the transmission and symptoms of HSV.

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate

Our innovative therapy for Crohn’s disease uses plasmids to deliver TNF-alpha neutralizing antibodies at a constant rate for 1-2 years. This therapy, if successful should be able to replace the functionality of existing biologics.

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate

A combination of antibodies and morphogenetic proteins can be delivered to create an expected 25% decrease in body fat with a single injection.





Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Lead

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Lead

Discovery & Preclinical Development - Candidate